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As many of you will know, Linda & I have decided it's time to retire from dealing Space Collectibles:
with the Shuttle Orbiters now in museums, no more flown hardware is available at a worthwhile
price, and we don't want to go down the route of chopping our remaining items into 1cm squares as
seems to be the current vogue! We have enough material left to make our A3 and A4 'Six Orbiter'
displays, as well as WW2 aviation and V1 & V2 items (see below) When it's gone, we'll shut down
the site! Of course, we will still be selling meteorites, which has always been our flagship enterprise!
Thanks to the many friends who have bought from us over the years!

We have just found this
beautifully illustrated pair of books, HANDSIGNED by
Capt Alan Bean, artist and
Apollo 12 Moon walker

£175 the pair