Walt Cunningham
An Apollo astronaut I've always wanted to meet, so
many thanks to Jason & Dave for providing the
oportunity at Autographica....

Rusty Schweickart
We disagreed about the type of extraterrestrial
object that most threatens mankind, but what
a fascinating man!
Dr Ed Mitchell
An amazing person that I've wanted to meet
for a long time! Dr Mitchell was astonishingly
forthright in his opinions about the UFO
Tom Jones and Kathy Thornton
Two impressive Shuttle legends: both really
generous with their time and happy to share
fascinating stories of their work in space.
Bruce McCandless and Jerry Bostick
Always terrific to meet Bruce: he enthralled
us with some amazing new details of his MMU
exploits. Jerry Bostick was just the most terrific
person to chat with: not just for his recollections
of his work as FIDO at the Cape, but also for the
insights he gave us of work as technical advisor
on films such as 'Apollo 13' & 'Armageddon'
Norm Thagard
Four times Shuttle astronaut,
Norm is a modest, quiet person
with so much to tell about the
realities of spaceflight
Bill Oefelein
Bill was a
terrific guy to meet and chat with:
he shared some fascinating anecdotes
about his STS-116 mission
Capt. Richard Gordon
A thoroughly entertaining man!
Capt Gordon has many fascinating
anecdotes about his Gemini & Apollo
missions: his bond with his Apollo 12
crew-mates is obvious in everything
he says...
Commander Bruce Melnick
Bruce and his delightful wife were really terrific
fun to be with: he was generous with his time
and happy to answer virtually any question!
General Tom Stafford
A real honour to meet this gracious and kind
gentleman: a true legend from the Gemini &
Apollo eras with a wealth of fascinating anecdotes.
Ed Gibson
Articulate, perceptive and patient, this charming man
takes time to speak with anyone who approaches him.
Gerry Griffin
A modest, quiet-spoken man with a wealth of
insights into the 'golden years'.
General James McDivitt
The General is a highly entertaining and
fascinating person to talk with.
General Alexei Leonov
A true hero and real crowd pleaser: the
World's first space-walker.
His wit and wisdom are legendary
Colonel David Scott
A real delight to converse with: an articulate
and intelligent person as well as a Moonwalker!
Capt. James Lovell, accepting a fragment of lunar
meteorite in March 2007. He joked that he'd been
to the Moon twice, but "I never got my hands on
any before!"
You can buy a piece by clicking HERE
Capt. Fred Haise
Just a real thrillto meet this Apollo 13 legend!
Easy to chat with on the subject of the Hollywood
version of his dramatic spaceflight, but more
especially on our shared enthusiasm for
the pastime of fishing !
Col Al Worden
A true gentleman who definitely
enjoys the company of the ladies! But he is just
the most genuine person you could meet:
tireless in his fund-raising efforts, and with a
cheerful word for everybody!
Capt Alan Bean
This Apollo 12 Astronaut has been kind enough
to chat with me about painting! He was extremely
complimentary about my efforts, and told me that
he uses small figures with ball-bearing heads as
models to achieve the correct lighting!
A really gracious and friendly man!
Col Buzz Aldrin
Obviously a true 20th Century hero, Aldrin
is respected by everyone who meets him.
Like most of the Astronauts we've met, he
is in amazing shape for a man of his age!
Capt. Gene Cernan
The last human to walk on the Moon. I have found
him approachable, dignified and fascinating to listen to!
Another perfect gentleman.
Apollo-Soyuz Astronaut Vance Brand: fascinating to
talk with and possessor of an amazing example of
the '1000-mile stare'!

Skylab Astronaut Col. Gerry Carr
This friendly and entertaining man is a delight to meet!

Salizhan Sharipov has spent over 400
hours in space and served as Director of
Operations, Russian Space Agency, at the
Johnson Space Center, Houston.
A really charming and entertaining man.
Col Anatolij Arciebarskij
He was a quiet, dignified person, who spoke
frankly (via his interpreter!) about the fear of
being stranded in space during the turmoils
of the attempted 1991 coup.
Scott Carpenter who flew the second American
manned orbital flight on May 24, 1962.
A charming and urbane man: dignified and
fascinating to talk to.
Col. & Mrs Scott: Lt. and Mrs Bryant!
Sir Patrick Moore: the man who consolidated
my love for Astronomy in 1959! 'At the Castle Gate'
still sends a shiver up my spine!
Brigadier General Duke
An Apollo 16 Moonwalker, Charlie is a witty
and entertaining speaker.

Helen Sharman
The UK's first Cosmonaut / Astronaut.
Just the nicest person you
could ever meet!

The first Astronaut to drive the MMU untethered:
Bruce McCandless. A really interesting conversationalist, especially if you are interested in any aspect of engineering.
Seymour 'Sy' Liebergott
EECom for many Apollo missions, including
Apollo 13, Sy is a really nice guy.
Delightful company!
Rhea Seddon & Robert 'Hoot' Gibson.
We spent all our time together discussing
the relative merits of Gibson (!) and Fender
guitars: Hoot plays a Les Paul!
Three legends giving a unique insight into the
Apollo Program at RAF Mildenhall's Galaxy Club.
A memorable occasion, thanks to a good friend
who works on the base.