We take care to ensure that none of our items originate from fatal crashes!
These photos are representative of our inventory: the actual item may no longer be available!
However, we hold large stocks of a wide range of aircraft types! Contact us for details!

One of our most popular displays, featuring
skinning from a Bf109E, a Bf110 and an Fw190
Naturally, each display will vary somewhat, but
the samples will generally carry original paint.
This oil cooler divider was once part of a Bf109E-4
flown by Oblt Erich Kircheis Rottenflieger and
Adjutant to Werner Moelders at JG51.The aircraft
was shot down over Kent in August 1940.
We have a limited amount of material
from Tempest Mk V EJ 603 that was
flown by a number of 'V1 Aces', including
Joseph Berry, who shot down 52 flying bombs!
This A4 frame contains a decent-sized
piece of skinning from Hurricane Z2523
that was flown by Polish pilot Sgt M Domagala
This attractive display features a large piece
of skinning from a Dornier Do 217 bomber
that crash-landed near Holbeach, Lincolnshire.
The entire crew survived and were made POWs.
A painted access panel from a P-51 Mustang
that was recovered from RAF Llandow where
many aircraft were scrapped in 1947. Lots of
other material available, many with Mustang
serial numbers.
A rare and fascinating collectible: this piece of
painted canvas is from a Mk 1V PRU Spitfire
that crashed in Sussex in January 1942
Spitfire I (X4322) P/O A.B.Watkinson, a
South African of No 66 Squadron, was
wounded on the 28th of September 1940.
He baled out of his damaged aircraft after
combat over Mayfield in Sussex. The fabric
is from one of the Spitfire’s elevators. We
have other displays available!
This display contains fragments of three
truly iconic Luftwaffe bomber aircraft:
Heinkel 111, Dormier 217, & Ju 87.
As with all our items, we can guarantee
that all three crews survived these crashes.
We can supply similar multiple displays
to your personal requirements!
Riveted aluminium skinning from a Heinkel 111
which crashed on 29th October 1940, during the
Battle of Britain. The aircraft (of 9/KG53) was
abandoned by its crew when they became lost
over Essex, after a bombing raid on Gravesend.
Uffz Sigger, Uffz Klitscher, Uffz Luedecke, Oberfw.
Penzal, Oberfw Metzger all baled out and were
captured. The aircraft crashed into the River
Stour at Parkstone Quay, Harwich. Other items
are available, presented in glazed ash frames.
This fragment of aluminium was recovered
from the wreckage of Spitfire Mk1 R6753
that was shot down during the Battle of Britain.
The pilot baled out with slight burns, his aircraft
crashing at Dymchurch. Other items available!
A good-sized fragment of one of the better-known
fighters of WW2: the Messerschitt Bf110. This
aircraft crashed in Essex during the Battle of Britain.
This piece of doped fabric was removed from
the famous Gloster Gladiator Mk2, N5903,
formerly of the Shuttleworth collection and
currently based at Duxford.

We have good quantities of beautifully-prepared material from many iconic aircraft: these can be
mounted to your specification: singly, in pairs or groups! Current aircraft represented include:

Supermarine Spitfire
Hawker Hurricane
Bristol Blenheim
Gloster Gladiator
P51 Mustang
English Electric Lightning
Avro Vulcan
Short Sunderland
Messerschmitt Bf109
Messerschmitt Bf110
Junkers 87 'Stuka'
Junkers 88
Dornier 217
Heinkel 111
Lockheed NF104
F4 Phantom

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