We take care to ensure that none of our items originate from fatal crashes!

This display contains material from the
aircraft of two Battle of Britain pilots, both
of whom survived to fly again. A great gift
item for an aviation enthusiast!
This display contains material from three
different Spitfires, each with full information
A really smart collectable!
Just in! A decent piece of skinning from the iconic
Lockheed Lightning, P38-J, which caught fire
and crashed in Buckinghamshire on March 7th, 1945
Several other items available!
Focke Wulf 190 A5/U2 of 1/5 KG-10 was shot down
over Kent on 13th June by John 'Cats Eyes' Cunningham.
The pilot was thrown clear and parachuted safely to the
ground near Wrotham, being taken POW. FW 190 relics
are very hard to come by: these are mostly small because
the aircraft was carrying a bomb that exploded on impact!
Robert 'Oxo' Oxspring was officially credited with
13.33 victories in the air and four V-1 missiles destroyed.
He flew with 66, 616, 72, 222 and 41 Squadrons. He
survived the war with the rank of Wing Cdr. We are able
to supply items from his bale-out of October 25th, 1940
Messerschmitt BF109 G2 Werk No. 13605, flown
by Luftwaffe Ace Heinrich Ehrler (208 victories)
was shot down over north western Russia June 21,
1943. The aircraft was recovered in November 2003
and is currently being rebuilt to flying trim.
This is a bomb arming cap from a Blenheim
fighter bomber, removed and stored during WW11
A fabulous piece of memorabilia, and at a genuinely
affordable price!
This is a fragment of the cockpit frame of a
Junkers Ju 88G-6 nightfighter. It was shot
down on March 3rd, 1945 but the crew all
managed to bail out and survive the war.
The pilot was Ofw Kurt Gabler, flying with
Nachtjagergeschwader 4 from Gutersloh.
Several other large fragments available!
A framed fitch plate from Hurricane V7535
Flown by Sgt J. Jeka, the aircraft was shot
down in Dorset on November 5th, 1940.
Jeka was wounded, by bailed out successfully.
Other items available!
Bf 109e, werk nummer 2964, served with 3/LG2 fighter
squadron. On July 7th 1940 the aircraft was engaged in
combat with Spitfires of 54 Squadron from Rochford,
Essex when it was damaged, forcing the pilot to bale
out. The aircraft crashed at 7.30pm, near Sandwich in
Kent and was the first to be brought down over UK soil