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A one-way propellant valve from a V2 rocket,
manufactured by the Preschona company and
in fantastic condition! Several available
A mounted V2 graphite steering vane fragment
excavated at the site of a crashed missile on the
foreshore at Peenemunde. An ideal present for
either a spaceflight or militaria enthusiast! We
have several large chunks too!
This A4 display features relics from
both V1 and V2, framed with a photo
of their two designers. A fascinating
and affordable collectable!
An electrical connector from the wiring
loom of a V2 missile. We have several
different examples: contact for details!
This remarkably modern-looking item is
actually a connector from the electrical
buss of a V2 missile, excavated recently
at Peenemunde. It carries a full set of
maker's stamps and part numbers.
Alcohol / water injector from the rocket motor
of a V2 missile. Other dealers offer these for
sale unframed at three times our price!
This piece of V2 inner skinning panel was
originally located around the tail skirt of
the missile and would grace any aerospace
collection. It is sold in a glazed pine frame




This large V2 fuel pipe connector is
mounted in a glazed wooden display case.
A realistically-priced collectable from the
very beginnings of the space age.

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