Part of the elevator actuation system
of a V1 flying bomb, found at the
test area at Peenemunde in 2012.
A rare fragment of a V1 flying bomb,
part of of the tubular wing spar.
Recovered from a Kent crash site near
Plaxtol, this item is an iconic and scarce
piece of our history. Presented in an A4
glazed ash frame.
An electrical plug from a V1 flying bomb,
in amazing condition after over sixty years
buried in the sand at Peenemunde! We
have a number of different types, all marked
with manufacturers' stamps and part numbers.
A large electrical plug from a V1 flying bomb,
which, again, was discovered at the Luftwaffe
test area of Peenemunde. A rare item in really
good condition.
Shuttering from the engine of a V1 flying bomb.
A very rare item indeed! Larger samples available.
A fantastic addition to any collection! We offer
a display containing fuel injectors from the engines
of both V1 and V2 'vengeance weapons'. Only a
few available: this is a rare item!

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