Famous Ace pilots
As always, our material is guaranteed to derive from non-fatal incidents

We have several displays featuring items from
Messerschmitt BF109 G2 Werke No: 13605, flown
by Luftwaffe Ace Heinrich Ehrler (208 victories)
Shot down over north western Russia June 21, 1943, the aircraft was recovered in November 2003 and is currently being rebuilt to flying trim.
We can offer displays of Spitfire Mk 11, P7309, of
603 Squadron.
P/O (Later WCdr) Peter Olver's Spitfire was shot
down by a Bf 109 flown by ace Werner Moelders.
Olver survived, only to be brought down a second
time in 1943: this time he was captured and spent
the remainder of the war as a POW.
Sgt. J÷zef Jeka flew Hurricanes with No 238 Sqdn.
during the Battle of Britain and was credited with 7 kills plus 3 possibles. He eventually attained the rank of Squadron Leader. Post war he emigrated to the US, and was the first Polish pilot to fly at more than Mach 2. He was sadly killed flying a Lockheed U2 spy plane. We have a number of displays featuring his
Hurricane V7535
F/L Bob Stanford Tuck D.S.O., D.F.C. flew with
No 92 Spitfire Squadron and No 257 Hurricane
Squadron and shot down 10 of the enemy during
the Battle. He was 24 years old during the Battle.
Tuck was on patrol on the 18th of August 1940 with
No 92 Squadron. He baled out safely after combat
with a Ju 88, at 14:15hrs. We have several items
from his Spitfire I (N3040) which crashed near
Horsmonden, Kent
Hurricane P3166, coded VY-Q, 85 Sqn., was shot
down by return fire from a Bf-110 over Tunbridge on
August 31st 1940. Pilot Sqn Ldr Peter Townsend
baled out safely.
After the war Townsend's famous love affair with
Princess Margaret resulted in a minor constitutional
crisis and, so it is said, broke the Princess' heart
when their marriage was forbidden. We have just
a couple of pieces of Townsend's Hurricane.
John 'Cats Eyes' Cunningham was the most
successful and best-known allied nightfighter pilot
of the war, amassing 20 victories flying Blenheims
and Mosquitos. We have relics from the FW 190
that was his first success flying the Mosquito.
Robert 'Oxo' Oxspring was officially credited with
13.33 victories in the air and four V-1 missiles destroyed.
He flew with 66, 616, 72, 222 and 41 Squadrons. He
survived the war with the rank of Wing Cdr. We are able
to supply items from his bale-out of October 25th, 1940